1_Anti-Mirage Band


5 cm large strap, attached on the top of barrel to avoid mirage

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After several shots, barrel’s heat pass in front of your scope avoiding target clear vue. This device force it to go around scope to ensure perfect image definition.

Adjustable length 55 to 72 cm. Back part attached on scope’s front ring with velcro. Front part have 1,1 mm metal cable protected by thermic sleeve to hook on the muzzle brake screw or iron front sight, if none of these, on velcro tape that we provide on demand.

Light enough to not create POI shift if you use or not. No need to drill the rail. No metal part who can scratch barrel or scope.

Attention : Doesn’t work with muzzle brake « Roedale » or similar who have retention screw in front of gas exhaust holes

Data sheet

Strap Mil-Specs - Elastic Mil-Specs “Flamme Retardant”
Triglide ITW Nexus
Paracorde with velcro and cable on sleeve